MacKenzie Urns

Your selection of MacKenzie memorial urn provides a timeless and meaningful tribute to a loved one. Each of eight silhouettes feature graceful lines and is crafted from distinctive yet durable material and finished in a wide array of soothing colors.

MacKenzie urns are as versatile as they are beautiful. These urns serve as focal point during the memorial service, and are appropriate for in-home display, as vessels for burial, or as a lasting tribute after a loved one’s ashes have been scattered. All MacKenzie urns are easily personalized and are designed to fit within variously sized niches and columbariums. 


Distinctive Materials MacKenzie products are hand-crafted from a precise blend of stone, resin and color pigments which emulate natural elements. Materials are carefully selected for their inherent strength, intrinsic beauty and enduring luster.

MARBLE as been used for centuries by artists and designers because of its timeless beauty and remarkable durability.

ONYX is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with extremely fine and intricate crystal formation.

GRANITE is formed deep below the earth’s surface, where extreme temperatures reveal mineral grains with unique splendor.

STONE-TONE is comprised of solid composite materials, texture finish by hand with a stone-like paint coating.