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New Additions to the Keepsake Pendant Collection

      The Originators of the

         Keepsake Pendant

         Our Story of Inspiration

      In March of 1992, our family lost a
      wonderful, spirited friend and mother.
      Her views on life were inspirational:  #110SS Sterling Silver Flat  #227SS Sterling Silver Feather  #228SS Sterling Silver  #224PT-A Antique Pewter Rose
      “Love the moment” and “Death is    Hummingbird w/ Flower  #227YG 14K Yellow Gold Feather  Fish Hook  w/ Pearl
      the greatest adventure            #110YG 14K Yellow Gold Flat  9/16"W x 1-1/2"H x 1/4"D  #228YG 14K Yellow Gold  #225PT Pewter Rose w/ Pearl
      of all.”                           Hummingbird w/ Flower                        Fish Hook       7/8"W x 1-1/8"H x 3/8"D
                                         1-1/4"W x 5/8"H x 1/4"D                  5/8"W x 7/8"H x 1/4"D
      Still, in the months
      that followed, we
      sought another source
      of comfort and
      strength.            Madelyn
                        3/14/25 - 3/25/92
      From Madelyn Saxer’s zest for living
      and her ability to embrace death, the
      concept of the Keepsake Pendant was          #220PT-A Pewter Heart w/  #222PT-A Pewter Cross w/  #229SS Sterling Silver Rectangle
      born. A symbol of continuing love . . .         Antique Filigree       Antique Filigree    Pendant w/ Paw Print
      a reassuring remembrance to keep            #220PTPewterHeartw/Filigree  #223PT Pewter Cross w/ Filigree  #229YG 14K Yellow Gold Rectangle
      close to one’s heart.                        3/4"W x 3/8"H x 3/16"D  3/4"W x 11/16"H x 3/16"D  Pendant w/ Paw Print
                                                                                                 1/2"W x 3/4"H x 1/4"D
      In creating our pendant line, we had a
      simple purpose: to enable others to
      cope more easily, to hold a source of    Madelyn Keepsake Pendant Product Reference Key
      comfort in their hands and to find
      peace in their hearts.                Madelyn Keepsake Pendant products are created by using a variety of precious and semi-precious metals.

                                             To assist with the product selection process, the following metal abbreviations can be found as the last
      Our Keepsake Pendants bring memories                letters of the product number under each product photograph.
      to an even more personal level by
      holding a small portion of cremated     BR - Bronze (Does not contain nickel)  SS-C - Chromate Sterling Silver
      remains, a lock of hair or dried        GF - Gold-Filled                       ST - Stainless Steel
      ceremonial flowers. The pendants may    GV - Gold Vermeil (23K Gold-plating over Sterling,  TT - Titanium
      be worn or displayed in a glass dome.      (Does not contain nickel)           WB - White Bronze (Does not contain nickel)
                                              PT - Pewter                            ** - Available in 14K White Gold
      This brochure shows the pendant styles  SK - Sterling Silver w/ 14K Gold Insert  WG - 14K White Gold
      in beautiful detail.                    SS - Sterling Silver (Does not contain nickel)  YG - 14K Yellow Gold (Does not contain nickel)
                                              SS-A - Antiqued Sterling Silver (Does not contain nickel)
      The opportunity to choose a Keepsake
      Pendant presents itself only once.          Multi-Chamber Pendant Options:         All listed prices are RETAIL.
      The comfort a Keepsake Pendant offers,  #169GV Sliding Heart - $180  #170GV Cylinder - $180  All items pictured are NOT actual size.
      lasts a lifetime.                     #169SS Sliding Heart - $170  #170SS Cylinder - $160  Measurements do not include the bales.
                                          **#169YGSliding Heart -Call  ** #170YG Cylinder - Call  All chains and leather cords sold separately,
      Sincerely,                                #205SS Multi-Chamber Tree of Lives - $270  with the exception of Stainless Steel and
                                            #205YG Multi-Chamber Tree of Lives - Call (Special Order)  Titanium pendants, which INCLUDE
                                               Refer to photographs of products #117 Cylinder,  matching chains in the same metal.
                                                #130 Sliding Heart and the #205 Tree of Lives.
                                                                  24-inch satin cord included with all orders.

                                                    ENGRAVING OPTIONS
                                             Most Keepsake Pendants are engraveable.
                                            Set-up cost is $15 per side. Multiple pendants
                                              with same engraving no additional fee.
                                                                                Block - $3 per character  Script - $4 per character
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